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"Seelenbrunnen", 2010
Designed by Peter Heimer, layout by Andrea Wald

Specifications: square, brass, black granite

Dimensions: Sides of brass frame 90 x 90 cm,
sides of substructure 120 x 120 cm, depth of structure 12.5 cm

Lettering frame:
Brass, gild varnish, metal frame sunk into the ground flush with surface, 5 cm high

Lettering: Text deeply engraved, in the following order: Date of birth / name / date of death

Shadow gap: 5 cm high

Visible base plate: polished black granite

Structure: non-visible stainless steel box with screw-jointed lettering frame,
2.5% inclination of base plate, water discharge points in side walls made of stainless steel perforated plate, slit to slide in the base plate, stainless steel stays under the base plate,
10 cm wide layers of gravel around all walls of the built-in metal object to allow water discharge.

Variable: The shape of the work, size, font, number of characters, the texture and colour of the base plate material, and landscaping.